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Cruz73 Retro (MARNER SPECIAL EDITION) Electric Bike - Black / Khaki - 750W

Cruz73 Retro (MARNER SPECIAL EDITION) Electric Bike - Black / Khaki - 750W

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Neil Slinger
Yacht bike

We got this cool ebike specifically for carrying two people. Build quality is excellent. We are not sport cyclists; it is a fun bike not a cyclist’s bike. The 7 gears just about allow pedalling at 15mph, but you give up and sort of pretend to pedal or drop the assist level but then return to 3 because the gears are limited in what they offer. While pedalling Power assist 1 allows a steady 7mph, 2 will give a steady 10 and 3 (out of the “5 gradations” we chose) gives the steady 15 mph. Two-up remember. Solo is not much different, which must make me a fat B! Or the bike’s torque is really good. I lean the latter way. We have limited the power to 25kph so as not to stand out on cycle paths. This only seems to apply up to level 3 assist. 4 and 5 take you up to 19+ and I’ve not explored the max speeds available. Need a firm flat beach for that…Various experiments at higher speeds taught me I was quite happy with 25. Precious cargo! In the right hands this could be a wild ride and as much fun as you make it. The controls offer (!) graded power input. We have not felt any difference at all in any permutation of control. It kicks in just the same on all “subtlety” settings. For crossing cycle paths/junctions we use level 1 pedal assist because in 2 or 3 it takes off too fast for too long. The right hands T hrottle lever is great for fine tuned standing starts if you want to just get going while you find your pedals again. Seat height not adjustable so check your inside leg. I’m 5’ 10” and average size and would sit higher if I could. BUT as I say this is a fun bike not a fitness bike. You’d need 21 gears for that. Power uphill is amazing. I went 1600’ up our local forestry tracks and battery was tickling 3/5 bars under load and back to 4/5 on the level after the climb. This bike is definitely motorbike-like so expect sideway glances from other cycle path users. Lots of smiles once they see pedalling and take a closer look. I turn the pedal assist down passing others to reduce the hub noise giveaway (like not heavy breathing when jogging past others!). Still a bit self conscious about power assist. I’m on the dark side! The fat tyres are great, perfect for beach and grass. I let out some air (from the rec 35psi) as the ride was rattly over forestry track. I could’ve (should’ve) let out more and am thinking of carrying a decent pump to return to higher pressure for tarmac use. The rear suspension is adjustable and with Clare on board (total all up 135-140 kg) we needed to firm it up to stop bottoming out. Sorted. Clare finds the pillion very comfy. Riding solo I sit a bit further back towards the slightly raised pillion position. We will carry this single bike on our boat for exploring ports and harbours we visit. Folding bikes (x2) and 14” tyres were not looking much better than this x1 bike space-wise, and we heard that every bump in the road was felt on the small wheel set-ups. 1x bike purchase too.
No idea about total ranges we just top it back up after each outing as recommended. The boat trips will test that, and my onboard charging ideas.
Weight wise; very light to push and manoeuvre on the level. Expect to push harder a bit on slopes but it surprised me favourably. Lifting the back end round is no worse than our light weight tandem bike. Again the boat trips will test my theorised loadings on and off the boat! Very happy; it ticks the boxes we needed it to. 60 miles in 3 days is a lot for us. E-bikes get you out there.

Neil, thank you so much for providing such an in depth review on your experience of this lovely machine. This kind of information provides HUGE value for other customers. Relevant and real. Thanks again and wishing you and Claire many happy times with the bike!

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